Digital Analog Clock


This is a digital clock designed to look like an analog clock. The clock has no hands unlike an analog clock. Instead the passing of seconds is shown by the minute digits rotating 6 degrees every second.
The digit/s representing the current hour is/are displayed as a different colour (from other hours) and also rotates in the same manner as the minute digits.

The clockface is also upside down when compared to a traditional analog clock. The reason for this is that you are more likely to start your day at 6AM than 12AM.

Behind the clock, a randomized rainbow pattern is being created. This was added to the design to make it more visually appealing.
I found that adding this pattern made it more interesting to keep watching the clock, as the pattern becomes more interesting as time passes.

The final concept and design of the clock grew from the process of developing it. Initially the concept was based on one of Maeda’s 12 clocks and my desire to experiement with rotational functionality.
However once I had my initial concept working I felt the design and colour scheme wasn’t eye catching enough.

This led me to look at a lot of clock photos which provided the inspiration to redesign the clock and change the colour scheme. The final design still incorporates rotational functionality but looks a lot more visually appealing than my initial concept.